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This space is set to support the fourth step of the Agile Learning Cycle: Sharing. Learning is never complete without sharing it!

After setting intentions, creating your learning and reflecting on it with the group during the training day, we invite you to share with us and with the world your learnings.

Some prompting questions for your blog post that you may/may not use are:

1- What happened in the training day today for you? How did your experience look like? What was new for you today?

2- How did you feel throughout the day?

3- What are the ideas and questions that you are pondering on at the end of the day? any actions that you want to take?

4- Any quotes that stuck with you from any of the people in the space? Any inspiring conversation to share? Any resource or place that you went to that was particularly remarkable for you?

This is a space where all is welcomed! .. Share your reflections … We ARE Listening ….