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Please make sure to refer to the information page that tells you: what this program is all about, what you should expect out of it and what your financial investment in it is before proceeding to fill out the application form.

While we would want to open the invitation to everyone who feels that this program has something to offer for them, we are still limited by our capacity to only invite 20 new participants to this program. After many talks among facilitators and organizers, we found that this is the optimal number we can coherently hold together and build a community among while giving everyone the individual attention and appreciation they deserve. If not among the participants of this year, you will be welcomed to visit and play with us at other times – we will want to stay in touch!

We invite you to take the opportunity of this application to tell us your story around education and why you want to come and play with us. Thanks in advance for giving us the chance to get to know you!

Note: If writing is a challenge for you to express yourself, you can answer all essay questions in a video and upload it to youtube or dropbox or Google drive and copy paste the link here as an answer to all open ended questions. Make sure the voice and picture are clear and solid.

Please keep your answers reflective, clear and concise. The application is the main channel through which we can assess if we are extending you an invitation to join the program. We recommend you give it enough time while filling.

Application Last Day  

July 7th, 2018