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CMB at school

By: Norhan Ibrahim

Since day one I have through your workshop, and noticed your CMB, I realized why “essential agreements” which teachers set with our student didn’t work at classes, and only it takes 2 weeks to forget all about this essential agreement.
The matter is, it takes time for people to change a certain behavior from a state to another. to create a habit it needs repetitive practices to reach this habit. So to reach an agreement it needs to go through a process, this process, this process includes to be “Aware” of a certain problem and to share your “Awareness” with others. Then try to come up with a communal solution for this problem and agree upon it ” then let’s try it”. And revisiting what we have tried if its worked or not , is the secret recipe for this tool, as we create this kind of group awareness and group self monitoring and evaluation.
Then comes up the agreement part. This is how do people really set agreements, that we tried something and it worked with most of us so we agreed on this is thing that it will be with time a Norm and A Culture.
This is how I see CMB inside a class. So I made a workshop called “From creating an essential agreement to a sustainable class culture” and I introduced the CMB and told them that I will only choose three classes to work the CMB with them and make a pre and post evaluation for this class and see if the tool will work or not.
About 7 teachers out of 10 have seen that what I am doing is a utopian academic dream. Reality that students must learn how to follow rules. They agreed that they need to set more strict rules, with more serious punishments, and make it like teachers policy so all teachers must agree upon it and use it with their students. Because as per their assumption, learning how to follow rules is a fatal life skill they need to learn.
only three teachers liked the idea and currently I am working with them to make students aware of the CMB and how to use it inside the class.
Currently I am working with the students orienting the CMB and implementing it inside classes and agreeing with class teachers to see when will it be the change up meetings.
Of Course this experiment will be documented and if you are interested I will share with you some of the results.

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