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Welcome to Mesahat Summer Camp 2017

Learn, Play, Grow 
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Welcome to Mesahat Summer Camp 2017


Welcome to Mesahat Summer Camp 2017


Welcome to Mesahat Summer Camp 2017


Mesahat is a 4-day sleepover summer camp for children and youth, ages 8 – 16 years old, based on the philosophy of Self-Directed Education using agile education tools and practices. This year Mesahat will be hosted on the beautiful premises of the Sekem farm. 

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Dates: August 21, 22, 23, 24

Ages: 8 -16 years old are welcome!

Cost: 1800 EGP per child. Some sliding scale options available, see FAQs for more details.

Location:  SEKEM Farm Cairo-Belbes Road (Buses available for transportation from and to pickup points across Cairo)

Contact us: sde.egypt@gmail.com or call/whatsapp +2 010 1112 3520

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Partners Behind It

What does the camp look like? 

Children and youth have ample support to create a camp experience that works for them. This camp is ideal for children who want to have ease, freedom, and choice integrated into their summer!

Every child’s day is different because children design their own learning. Children, guided by facilitators as well as peer groups, and equipped with education tools, choose from a myriad of available learning option that we call “offerings”. The latter is offered by facilitators, children themselves and members of the community.  

A typical camp has this basic structure and components: 

On the first day of the week, we hold a Set The Week meeting. This is where children and adult facilitators schedule offerings for classes, activities, games, crafts, experiences, walks and field visits.

This is how a typical day of the camp goes:

9:30am Morning Meeting in Small Groups: With the support of facilitators, campers connect with one another and set intentions for their days, make announcements, and request any support needed from others.

10:00am – 6:00pm The Magic: This is when campers and facilitators engage in scheduled offerings and/or activities that are customized and individualized for every learner’s needs and curiosities. 

6:00 pm Clean up 

7:00 pm  Individual Reflection and Documentation In their small groups, facilitators and campers check in and reflect on what they did with their day, whether their intentions were met or not and what their learnings were.

7:30 pm Whole Group Reflections, & Gratitude

8:00 pm Evening Activities and Free time 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the camp times?

The summer camp takes place between the dates of August 21st and 24th. It is a sleepover camp, so campers will spend the full 4 days on the Sekem farm.

If you need any logistical arrangements to be made, please make sure to mention them in the application form. 

Is transportation available for campers to the camp venue?

Yes. Buses are available to pick children up on the morning of August 21st and drive them back on the evening of August 24th.

Buses will depart to the Sekem farm from agreed on meeting points across Cairo. 

Parents are requested to drive their children to and from the bus meeting point inside Cairo.

Our team will communicate exact locations of bus meeting points as well as departure and arrival times to parents after registration.

Please note, there is an extra cost for transportation that is between 100 and 150 EGP depending on the number of children who sign up for this service.

Alternatively, parents can drive their children directly to the camp site (the SEKM farm).

What is the financial cost of the camp?

The expenses incurred per child for conducting this camp is 1800 EGP. This camp is a non-profit activity. However, because we do not have any sponsors or funders, we charge for the expenses of the camp.

There is an option to financially contribute according to a sliding scale. Because we want to invite as much a diverse audience of kids as possible (including socio-economic diversity), parents are invited to contribute between a minimum of 1500 EGP and a maximum of 2500 EGP. You can pay any amount of money within the range of the previous sliding scale. We depend on your generosity, honesty and responsibility to determine the right amount that you can contribute keeping in mind the expenses incurred by the organizers for one participant.

If you pay more towards the maximum end of the sliding scale, then your money goes to support and give an equal opportunity to another kid who cannot fully cover his participation financially.

What does the price of the camp cover?

The price of the camp covers the following:

  • tuition
  • access to resources for learning activities (e.g: gardening materials, cooking, arts and crafts, maker materials, books, etc)
  • field visits
  • a full board accommodation: this includes sleeping facilities as well as 3 meals and snacks/fruits throughout each day
I have two children that fit the age range of the summer camp, do I get a discount if I register them both?

Because this is a non-profit activity, the price of the camp per participant is the price of the expenses incurred. These expenses do not change if we have two siblings. Please refer to the question above about financial costs and feel free to contribute as generously and responsibly as you can along the sliding scale offered.   

What are the available food and lodging facilities?

Campers will be housed in shared houses, of separate gender facilities. Part of the camp is to experience co-living and co-learning as groups. The shared houses will have a mix of campers and adult facilitators. Campers will be housed in triple or quadruple rooms. Every room will have an adult facilitator with the campers overnight. Rooms are clean, well-furnished and mostly air conditioned. There are shared bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

There is a 24/7 medical center and a pharmacy available at Sekem for when needed. 

We will serve healthy, locally sourced and home cooked food – no junk! We will be served by the Sekem chefs, most of the food provided will be organic and cooked in a healthy and a clean way.  

We promise to take care of your child and make sure he/she has healthy meals and quality sleeping facilities that keep their energy level fueled for the camp days and for the fun they want to have.

If your child has any dietary restrictions, allergies or any special requests, please tell us about them in the registration form.

Is there a uniform or a dress code required for the camp?

No. Let your child show up while dressing and expressing their unique selves as they wish! 

Are there any rules that my child should abide by during camp time?

The only requirements that we will discuss with every camper is that they respect and take care of themselves, of others and of the space around them.

Campers are requested to attend the starting morning and ending afternoon meetings and participate in the clean-up of the space at the end of every day. Other than the previous, campers are free to direct their own day guided by facilitators and be as creative and free as they want.

Who are the adults accompanying my child?

The camp takes place on the Sekem Farm, particularly within the Facilities of the Sekem Environmental Science Center and the Sekem School. All of these spaces are child-friendly spaces, designed and equipped to keep children and youth safe.

Some field visits may take place within the Sekem community; all field visits will be to child-friendly spaces. For example, we may visit the Sekem tea or pharmaceutical factory. All places visited will still be within the area of the Sekem intentional community, which is surrounded by its own gates and staffed with its own security personnel besides being in an extremely safe part of Egypt. 

The adults who are facilitating the camp have been chosen through a very detailed selection process to reach the point of dealing with your child.

The adult facilitators and camp hosts all have vast experience teaching and facilitating with children. Our average adult to child ratio is almost 1 adult to 1 child. This is an unprecedented ratio which allows every adult facilitator to establish personalized relationships with the campers.  

What are examples of the available learning activities?

Learning activities can vary each day. There is no typical day. Also, all learning activities are based on choice. Every camper signs up for what interests them and designs their own day. Because of the non-compulsive nature of our learning activities, we call them offerings. Offerings are made by both adult facilitators and campers (children and youth of the camp) because we believe in the equality of intelligence. 

The collective experience of our facilitators span learning focuses like: gardening, farming, cooking, astronomy, engineering, technology, visual and performative arts, sciences, mathematics, medicine, recycling and upcycling, business and social startup projects, carpentry, music, sports and body-based practices like martial arts and acro-yoga and much more. 

What will my child learn during the camp?

Your child will be given space for their agency, autonomy and free will as a learner. Campers will practice directing their own learning, claiming their agency and being comfortable with who they are. Everyone is a teacher at Mesahat Summer Camp!

Campers are welcome to share their interests by making an offering and are welcome to join offerings made by other campers from children, youth and adults. When campers are not part of an offering, they can choose how they spend their time enjoying the resources available around them as long as they hold community agreements around safety, care for others, and respect for the space and materials. Campers have ample support to create a camp experience that works for them by exploring life as a learning classroom!

Some of the skills involved in following this learning model is: learning how to plan a day, set intentions and goals, follow through on these goals and assess whether they were achieved or not. In the process children get to practice skills of negotiation, time management, self-management, collaboration with others in teams, respecting one-self and needs, conflict resolution as well as self-reflection, self-expression and documentation skills.

Because of the intensive, overnight nature of the camp, we get to establish a strong intentional learning culture with campers. We offer a safe space where campers get to engage with themselves, with other peers, with members of the Sekem community as well as with the land and the surrounding nature.

What is the context of this training? Who is behind it?

Mesahat summer camp is the practical component of an adult training program titled: Facilitating self-directed education conducted in partnership between Mesahat: Liberating Learning Spaces and its knowledge partner: Agile Learning Centers, a global expanding network of Self-Directed Education schools based in the USA and is hosted by Sekem, a 40-year legend of conscious living in Egypt.

During the training program, adults gain hands on experience through facilitating a self-directed education process for and with children and youth during the summer camp. 

The summer camp is staffed by a mix of enthusiastic teachers, parents, children and youth facilitators, resource people and recognized facilitators from the organization Agile Learning Centers.

There are no teachers in the traditional sense. The teacher as an authoritative figure who imparts knowledge does not exist in self-directed and agile education. Rather, there are facilitators who guide a child through his/her learning process.

Facilitators love and trust children and create a space for them to freely express their beautiful selves in all its facets. Facilitators help a child go through a learning cycle of setting learning intentions, creating the learning, reflecting on it and sharing it with the world. 

Facilitators are not typical, they are young and old adults, they come from a variety of educational and life experiences. What facilitators do share is an understanding that the old way of doing things is not going to prepare the next generation for the coming challenges and opportunities of our world. Adult facilitators also share love for play and co creation with children and youth. 

The beauty of this experience is that the children and youth of the camp get the benefit of interacting with adults who bring to life a diverse range of offerings and demonstrate how they follow their own passions through self-directed learning.

Timeline – What will happen when?

August 4: Registration opens for children 

August 15: Registration closes (seats are on a first come first serve basis)

August 12 – 17: Collection of program financial contributions

August 21 – 24: Summer Camp

Education Model and Foundation: The Agile Tree

The Tree Roots

The learning model we use is adpoted and contextualized from our American knowledge partner organization: Agile Learning Centers. 

Some things are central to what we are about, while other elements are flexible and may vary between communities. We use a metaphor of a tree to illustrate this aspect of the the educational model we usemore clearly. The soil we grow from is trust: in children, in each other, in you. The four assumptions—roots—which ground us are as follows:

  • Learning: Learning is natural. It happens all the time.
  • Self-Direction: People learn best by making their own decisions and choices. Children are people.
  • Experience: People learn more from their culture and environment than from the content they are taught. The medium is the message.
  • Success: Learning and growth is achieved through cycles of intention, creation, reflection and sharing.

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